​​Our mission at Vitality Dance Center is to deliver quality instruction for both competitive and recreational dancers, while maintaining a fun and safe studio learning environment.
​The foundation of all dance. Ballet technique is found in all styles of dance. Ballet teaches discipline as it contains very precise movement and stylized dance steps. Ballet helps dancers develop flexibility as well as the use of all their muscles to execute controlled movement.

​Jazz is a fun and energetic style of dance. Jazz is often very stylized movement which allows the dancer to develop their own style, while falling back on the safety of ballet technique. Ballet and musical theatre are the most common elements of a jazz routine.

​Also based on ballet technique, lyrical uses its stylized movement to express emotion. Lyrical combines ballet, modern and contemporary styles. It is most often not as focused on precison of movement because it is meant to be expressive and tell a story the way the choreographer and dancer see fit. We encourage dancers to take Ballet and/or Jazz along with Lyrical for the best results.

Hip Hop
​Hip Hop includes a wide range of styles: popping, locking, breaking, house and so on. This high energy street style class is very popular and usually what you see during award shows, in music videos and concert tours. Hip Hop sub styles are always changing and evolving, which keeps class fresh, fun and exciting.

Using shoes fitted with metal taps on the toes and heels, this style of dance allows dancers to make music with their feet. Tap classes will include both Rhythmic and Broadway styles of tap. Rhythmic tap focuses on musicality and sound of the taps more than the aesthetic appearance of the dance. Broadway tap focuses more on the choreography & movement of the dance and is widely seen in stage musicals and Hollywood films.

Creative Movement
​A fun class for young dancers to explore movement through music and imagination. It encourages creativity and rhythm & body awareness while focusing on gross motor and social skills. Basic ballet technique and terminology are also introduced.

Combination Classes
​Our combination classes provide students between the ages of 3-8 the opportunity to study several styles of dance. We offer Tap/Ballet, Hip Hop/Jazz and Ballet/Jazz combo classes.

Classes We Offer